The ams OSRAM Group, including the listed companies ams AG as parent company and OSRAM Licht AG, is a global leader in optical solutions. By adding intelligence to light and passion to innovation, we enrich people’s lives. This is what we mean by Sensing is Life.
With over 110 years of combined history, our core is defined by imagination, deep engineering expertise and the ability to provide global industrial capacity in sensor and light technologies. We create exciting innovations that enable our customers in the consumer, automotive, healthcare and industrial sectors maintain their competitive edge. We thereby drive innovation that meaningfully improves the quality of life in terms of health, safety and convenience, while reducing impact on the environment.
Our around 24,000 employees worldwide focus on innovation across sensing, illuminating and visualization to make journeys safer, medical diagnosis more accurate and daily moments in communication a richer experience. Our work creates technology for breakthrough applications, which is reflected in over 15,000 patent granted and applied. Headquartered in Premstaetten/Graz (Austria) with a co-headquarter in Munich (Germany), the group achieved well over UDS 5 billion combined revenues in 2020 (pro-forma).

Branchen:Elektronik, Elektrotechnik
Produkte/Dienstleistungen:Human-Centric Lighting, Spectral Sensing, Smart Lighting, LED Solutions, Advanced Driver-Assistance System, CMOS Imaging, Color Sensing, Adaptive Leakage Compensation, Automation, 3D-Sensing, Infrared Illumination, Photodiodes: Our Business | ams OSRAM
Gesuchte Fachrichtungen:Elektrotechnik / ET-Wirtschaft, Technische Physik, (Technische) Chemie, Informatik/SW-Entwicklung-Wirtschaft, Information and Computer Engineering
Standorte:Our global headquarter is located in Premstaetten on the beautiful grounds of an old Austrian castle, complete with ponds. Right next to the castle is our ultra-modern 200 mm wafer semiconductor fabrication plant (200 mm fab). This mix of historical and new, of tradition and 21st century technology, has a special appeal and is a key element of our culture.
Mitarbeiter national:1.400
Mitarbeiter gesamt:24.000
F&E-Beschäftigte:~ 3.500 worldwide¬
Kontakt:ams OSRAM AG
Tobelbader Straße 30, 8141 Premstätten
Marlies Herzog
HR Austria Operations & Talent Acquisition
Tel.: (03136) 500-32853